Opti-Joint V-8


Vertical finger-jointing machine – Opti-Joint V-8

The Opti-Joint V-8 is a high speed vertical finger-jointing machine. The design of the machine provides high quality finger-jointing with optimal machine utilization and excellent capacity performance in both soft- and hardwoods.

The heavy-duty design of the finger-jointing machine is produced with mechanical and electrical components of high quality, providing the highest level of stability and precision for the tooling and jointing in all workpiece dimensions.

The mechanical- and software control design of the Opti-Joint V-8 vertical finger-jointing machine is developed based on the extensive experience of System TM in relation to handling small workpieces at a high capacity. This is controlled by intelligent software which minimizes machine stops and guarantees high machine utilization in terms of available number of working minutes.

System TM has great experience with handling of small workpieces at an extremely high capacity, both in a continuous steady flow during different processes and from one process to another. The mechanical- and software control design of the Opti-Joint V-8 vertical finger jointing machine is developed based on this experience.

The high-speed transport of the workpieces is very secure during the jointing, gluing and pressing processes. This minimizes stops during the transportation of the workpieces, achieving a high performance capacity and a high quality jointing.

Not available for sale in Germany.

Why choose an Opti-Joint V-8

  • High capacity including maximum precision and jointing quality
  • Intelligent control system for high machine utilization and performance
  • Complete hard- and software integration between all functions of the machine/line
  • Automatic line control and adjustments from one control and operator interface
  • Extensive range of production statistics is accessible
  • May be upgraded to operate with an infeed system (Opti-Feed), cross-cut saw (Opti-Kap), stacking system (Opti-Stack) and scanning technology
  • High attention to operator safety and machine reliability