Our mission:

To optimize staff and wood resources by designing and developing highly-advanced solutions to the solid wood industry.



At System TM, we design and develop highly-advanced solutions to the solid wood industry. Thus, by optimizing staff and wood resources, we are essentially able to provide customers the following benefits:

– maximum profitability and production efficiency

– exceptional production capacity

– high return on investment

– substantial labor cost reductions


At System TM, we meet customer specific needs through the latest technology, unique project organization and close customer collaboration. As a result, we strive to establish customer relationships based on exchange of information, respect and reciprocity. Thus, we have the means, time and desire to retain close customer relations, as we believe the best way to customize system solutions is by working along with customers.


System TM places great emphasis on constantly upgrading existing products. Ultimately, this reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, intelligent and sophisticated solutions to the solid wood industry.

We aspire to strengthen customer relationships in various geographical areas by partnering with well-recognized distributors around the world. Thus, in the years to come, we wish to develop and enhance our partnerships to derive full benefit from the local market and culture knowledge of our distributors.


System TM is a family-spirited company. Its organizational culture manifests itself in the deeply rooted values and beliefs shared by employees. Thus, they take personal responsibility and lead by example.

At System TM, every employee plays a significant role for our overall success. In other words, they stand out among the crowd, as they are the ones with enterprising mindsets, team-spirit, determination and passion. As a result, their experience, expertise and knowledge make up the foundation for System TM’s competitive advantage.

At System TM, we challenge, reward and develop employee capabilities. Thus, we seek to create a culture of encouragement that motivates employees to deliver exceptional performance and sustainable value.