System TM is a total supplier and offers you everything from production line design and development, installation and staff training, to service and maintenance. We meet all types of customer-specific needs. As a result, our material handling systems are available as standard system solutions and fully customized solutions.


Automated feeding system

The Opti-Feed automated feeding system generates exceptional production capacity and significant labor cost reductions. In addition, it is suitable for feeding workpieces of random or uniform lengths.


Optimizing cross-cut saw

The Opti-Kap optimizing cross-cut saw provides optimal utilization of wood and staff resources. As a result, it generates high rates of return and increased production efficiency.


Automated stacking system

The Opti-Stack automated stacking system is designed to generate remarkable main machine capacity increase, as well as significant labor cost reductions. In addition, it is suitable for stacking workpieces of random or uniform lengths.


Automated finger jointing system

The Opti-Joint automated finger jointing system provides maximum precision and jointing quality, while optimizing the use of staff and wood resources. Furthermore, its intelligent control system ensures high machine utilization and performance.


Customized system solutions

Our customized system solutions are constructed, developed and tailored to fit your production and main machines. As a result, this gives you highly integrated and optimized lines in terms of facilities, production capacities, yield and staff resources.