At System TM, we meet all customer needs. Whether you seek single products or customized material handling solutions, you’ve come to the right place. All our products are designed to provide maximum utilization of staff and wood resources.

System TM is a full solution provider. Using our wide product selection, we customize material handling solutions that give you excellent production capacity and labor cost reductions.


Automated feeding machine

The Opti-Feed automated feeding machine provides great production capacity and many labor cost reductions. The Opti-Feed feeds workpieces of random or uniform lengths.


Optimizing cross-cut saw

The Opti-Kap optimizing cross-cut saw provides maximum utilization of wood and staff resources. If high production capacity, cut accuracy, speed and efficiency is what you’re looking for, let us do the job for you.


Automated stacking machine

The Opti-Stack automated stacking machine is designed to boost main machine capacity and to decrease labor costs. The Opti-Stack stacks workpieces of random or uniform lengths.


Automated finger jointer

The Opti-Joint finger jointer provides maximum precision, jointing quality and performance. The Opti-Joint finger jointer optimizes staff and wood resources using its intelligent control system.


Customized material handling solutions

Our material handling solutions are designed, developed and customized according to your needs. When it comes to integrated systems, integrating our machinery with your current machinery is also our strong suit!