SCA Timber AB – Sweden

SCA Timber AB, Sweden

SCA Timber AB, Sweden

One of the largest sawmills in Sweden chose System TM to be their main supplier of the largest component line in Europe.

In projects of this scale System TM is capable of taking the overall responsibility concerning all mechanical, electrical and data interfaces of the entire plant.

The system solution is placed in a 5,000m² production facility and consists of two different lines – a triple Opti-Kap optimizing cross-cut and finger jointing line, and a moulding and laminating line.
The optimizing cross-cut line is designed in close co-operation with the Swedish company and it produces six meter long defect free horizontal and vertical finger jointed lamellas. These will later be able to enter the construction of laminated profiles to the window and door industry.
Optimizing cross-cut line overview:
  • Opti-Feed 6000, tilt infeed with pack buffer, stick handling, electric core indicator and hydraulic infeed to a high-speed moulder
  • Automation and integration of a four side color scanner
  • Three Opti-Kap 4003 optimizing cross-cut saws with quality grading and waste handling
  • Automation of vertical and horizontal finger jointing machines with infeed and conditioning zone
  • Opti-Stack 6000 stacker and pack strapping

The laminating line produces laminated window profiles of finger jointed lamellas from the Opti-Kap cross-cut line.

Lamination line overview:

  • Opti-Feed 6000, vacuum feeder with infeed from three pack positions
  • Automation of two moulders
  • Opti-Feed 6000 for supply of high frequency press
  • Opti-Stack 6000 for stacking and packing of laminated workpieces after press