Our customized system solutions are designed, manufactured and tailored according to your production needs. System TM lines are highly integrated and optimized in terms of production capacity, yield, and need for manpower.


With more than 40 years of experience and more than 300 running lines worldwide, System TM is a leading global supplier of customized solutions to the solid wood industry.

Our customized system solutions include the latest technology and high levels of machine-to-machine integration. They’re designed with minimum need for human intervention and high levels of self-regulation to uphold maximum manufacturing efficiency, uptime and use of wood resources.

At System TM, we advise customers by drawing on our technical expertise and knowledge to find the best solution that fits your needs. We meet customer specific needs by using the latest technology, unique project organization and close customer collaboration.

System TM’s lines are characterized by:

  • System TM’s optimizing software – the only software available optimizing on both wood resources and the overall line capacity.
  • System TM’s individual design. The lines are individually designed and manufactured, always considering the customer’s production and main machines. This ensures our customers high-performance materials handling, and 100% workpiece control throughout the line.
  • Complete hard- and software integration between all functions of the line.
  • The best return on investment.
  • Low labor costs and optimal utilization of the wood, ensure our customers to stay competitive in the global market.
  • Higher efficiency for all main machines.
  • Automatic production changeover from one central computer.