Opti-Stack 9000


Opti-Stack 9000

The Opti-Stack 9000 has been developed to meet the solid wood industry’s demand for increased material handling automation.

Opti-Stack 9000 is a highly flexible stacking machine, easily combinable with other System TM machines. Opti-Stack 9000 can stack short and very long workpieces in various patterns.

Opti-Stack 9000 offers a wide range of standard options which can easily be integrated upon or after purchasing the stacking machine.

Some of the standard options for the stacking machine include brick or zigzag stacking, stick placing for pack stabilizing or drying processes, multiple even-end positions of either single workpieces or workpieces cross-cut into multiple lengths, and turning devices.

  • Stacking of uniform or random lengths and widths
  • Stacking of lengths up to 25,000 mm
  • Minimizes hard and repetitive manual labor
  • Capacity increase of the main machines
  • Gentle handling without damaging workpieces or layers
  • Automatic placement of stabilizing or drying sticks
  • Automatic pack transport
  • Brick , ZigZag or Offset Even End stacking
  • Stacking of random lengths and widths
  • Board turning device
  • Customized features upon request