Service contracts

Service contracts

Operation and maintenance service contracts cover all essential aspects and activities related to

running your production line safely and economically in order to maximize your uptime and profits.

Service contract

Even the best machines need maintenance every now and then to stay efficient and reliable. Thus, preventive maintenance proves cheaper in the long run.

At System TM, operation & maintenance services are tailored to your needs. By entering a customized service agreement with System TM, you can sit back, relax and generate maximum productivity and profit, while we take care of your maintenance needs.

Our service technicians will visit your factory periodically to examine your equipment, perform necessary adjustments and repairs, give advice on performance optimization and prepare condition reports.

Discounts on maintenance and spare parts, training new operators, online access and software updates are just a few of the many advantages you can benefit from when you enter an operation & maintenance service contract.

Procedure of preventative maintenance visits:

  • Document preparation for periodic preventive maintenance
  • Visit report preparation and operation history of machines
  • Devising training programs for customer personnel and operators
  • Addressing possible optimizing proposals/system updates approved and ordered by customers
    Spare parts procurement


At your premises:

  • Thorough examination of the machine in accordance with customized inspection forms.
  • Preparation of report concerning the condition of the machine, including recommendations regarding day-to-day care and maintenance.
  • Adjustment of chains, belts, couplings and brakes.
  • Lubrication of vital parts, including check of gear oil.
  • Inspection of sensors and pneumatics/hydraulics.
  • Repairs of the machine are carried out.
  • Parts are exchanged and the machine is readjusted.
  • Installing potential optimizing proposals or system update approved and ordered by the customer, to further optimize the production and capacity.
  • Testing of the machine.
  • Examination of the spare parts warehouse at the customer’s premises and ordering of missing parts.
  • Customer acceptance of the service performed.
  • Suggestions to further optimize the production and capacity.


Upon return to System TM:

  • The service report is completed and forwarded to the customer.
  • The visits report and the history of the machine are updated.
  • Quotations of any potential optimizing proposals are forwarded to the customer.
  • New spare parts are sent to the customer.