Opti-Feed 1000 Vack


Opti-Feed 1000 Vack

Opti-Feed 1000 Vack is a vacuum de-stacking unit for feeding of complete or partial workpiece layers into different main machines, such as cross-cut saws, moulding machines, double-end tenoners, resaws and sanding machines.  This automated feeding system provides high machine capacity and frees up labor which is otherwise used on hard and repetitive work.

The Opti-Feed 1000 Vack consists of a vacuum head suitable for feeding short workpieces of 380 – 1,600 mm (15’’-63’’). It has a feeding capacity of up to 5 layers per minute of both random or uniform lengths and widths.  The vacuum head features check valve technology, which automatically identifies and closes check valves in areas without workpieces. This ensures secure handling and lifting of layers, random lengths and widths without having to adjust vacuum heads.

Due to its modular design, the Opti-Feed 1000 Vack de-stacking unit is suspended from a portal, enabling the de-stacking of layers from packs positioned on the floor or on a conveyor.

  • De-stacking from multiple locations
  • De-stacking to multiple destinations
  • Liberates operators from hard and repetitive work
  • Better utilization of main machine capacity
  • Gentle handling without damaging workpieces or layers
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Feeding of random lengths and widths
  • Automatic removal of stabilizing or drying sticks
  • Stick collector
  • Automatic pack transport
  • Receiving chain conveyor
  • Customized features upon request