Opti-Feed 1000 Vack


Opti-Feed 1000 Vack

An automatic infeed system designed to feed layers of workpieces at a capacity corresponding with the speed of the subsequent main machine. Thus, this creates an increase in machine capacity and frees up labor which is usually used on hard and repetitive work.

Opti-Feed 1000 Vack is suitable for feeding short workpieces from 380 – 1,600 mm (15”- 63”) at a capacity of 5 layers per minute. This applies to both random or uniform lengths.
The Opti-Feed 1000 Vack series offers a wide range of infeed systems that can singulate and feed workpieces in correct order to the subsequent main machine.

With System TM’s Opti-Feed 1000 Vack, you’re sure going to obtain more efficient and profitable productions. Contact us today and let us find the solution that fits your needs.

  • De-stacking from multiple destinations
  • De-stacking to multiple destinations
  • Frees up labor which is usually used on hard and repetitive work
  • Capacity increase of main machines
  • Gentle handling without damaging workpieces or layers
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Feeding of random lengths and widths
  • Automatic removal of stabilizing or drying sticks
  • Stick collector
  • Automatic pack transport
  • Receiving chain conveyor
  • Customized features upon request