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June 13, 2013

A new standard concept: One scanner – one saw

System TM always has a big focus on new technology and through this it has been possible to design a new standard concept for scanning and cross-cutting

Through great co-operation with MiCROTEC a new standard concept is designed
Together with MiCROTEC, System TM has designed this new concept, which is a simple but very efficient solution for handling, scanning and cross-cutting of solid wood.



The concept consists of the optimizing cross-cut saw model Opti-Kap 5003 Version 2 and the MiCROTEC scanner GoldenEye 301. This new developed scanner from MiCROTEC identifies all details of the lumber in the same high standard as the other scanner models from MiCROTEC. Through combination of different technologies it has been possible to minimize the number of cameras in the GoldenEye 301 scanner without losing the degree of utilization of the wood. The only difference is the through speed that as a maximum will be able to scan the wood, at a speed capable of feeding one saw.

A concept for medium sized companies
This new concept is aimed at medium sized companies that today either manually grades their lumber or manually cross-cuts the workpieces. With this new concept, System TM and MiCROTEC provide an efficient high technological solution that secure maximum capacity and wood utilization at the best price in the industry.