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July 11, 2017

Marley Eternit makes further investments in System TM equipment

In 2015 John Brash & Co., now Marley Eternit, invested in a System TM Grading system with Microtec scanning technology. This has doubled the speed of which they are able to grade their battens and significantly increase the production capacity. This resulted in a wish to also increase the capacity of their bundling line, and Marley Eternit therefore invested in a high-speed bundling line from System TM.

John Brash & Co – now Marley Eternit
In the beginning of 2016, Marley Eternit announced its acquisition of John Brash & Co. The two businesses are integrating two complementary companies, both of which are influential players, with highly regarded reputation in the UK construction market. The two companies share the same core values of customer service, innovation and integrity. It is now possible for Marley Eternit to deliver a total roof system solution providing all customers with real value.

New optimizing solution
After the installation of the grading line with scanning technology, now was the time to take a look at automating the process after the high-speed moulder at Marley Eternit.

The solution System TM delivered to Marley Eternit for their roof top batten production, is a high-speed bundling line with a very high bundle speed.

The process
After the moulder the workpieces are aligned and automatically put together as bundles with 10 workpieces per bundle. Each bundle is strapped three times cross vise. It is possible to label each individual workpiece within each bundle for further identification in the production process.

The completed and labelled bundles are then automatically transported to a stacking system stacking the bundles into packs, and stability sticks are placed between each layer.

This investment in a System TM bundling line has made it possible for Marley Eternit to reduce the number of operators and increase the production capacity.

The co-operation
The partnership between System TM and Marley Eternit is very good and will continue years a head. We are sure that the Marley Eternit acquisition of John Brash will only enhance our co-operation in the future and that the focus will remain on enhancing their production with the best machinery and system solutions.

System TM looks forward to developing the bonds between our companies and to being of assistance in any way possible in the future.