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July 1, 2016

Output increase at Tenon

System TM equipment helps Tenon increase their output of wood based solutions
Tenon has experienced great success and have now decided to invest in new equipment for their production in order to keep up with the demands of their markets. The first step has been to invest in optimizing equipment from System TM.

Tenon is currently focused on making further investments to optimize their operations and they aim to achieve this through their relationship with System TM. The first step in optimizing their production, Tenon has invested in an optimizing cross-cut line from System TM including an Opti-Kap 3003 cross-cut saw and Microtec Goldeneye multi sensor scanner model 301.

The optimizing solution with expansion potential
The solution from System TM consist of an automated stacking system model Opti-Feed 6000 Vack. The layers from the incoming packs are automatically fed to the Microtec scanner model Goldeneye 301, that detects defects and quality of the wood before the cross-cut saw. This scanner is without x-ray, but it will be possible to upgrade to x-ray in the future. After the scanner the workpieces are, via a stud carrier, transported through the optimizing cross-cut saw model Opti-Kap 3003 where the workpieces are cut according to the scanning results. The line has been prepared for a second cross-cut saw in the future.

After the cross-cut saw, the short length workpieces are mainly sorted for waste, rerip, finger jointing or automatically stacked on two Opti-Stack 3000 stacking systems, with automatic outfeed. The remaining long length workpieces of variable qualities are transported to a stacking area and stacked by an Opti-Stack 6000. Before the automatic stacking system, it is possible to sort other qualities for manual stacking. The packs will then continue in the production.

A great co-operation and partnership
The experience with creating this solution in co-operation with Tenon has been very good. Our two companies are both extremely professional and well organized. It has been a pleasure for System TM to work with Tenon, and we are very excited about our future co-operation.