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November 23, 2022

Press: System TM featured in HOLZKURIER ‘CLT Special’

System TM is featured in HOLZKURIER’s special issue on CLT together with Kallesoe Machinery and LOC Holz

The article talks about how two companies under the HOMAG ‘Construction Element Solutions’ (CES) division – System TM and Kallesoe – worked together to develop and build a custom solution that fit LOC Holz’s requirements for their new cross laminated timber factory in Arbing, Upper Austria. You can all about LOC’s reasons for trusting System TM and Kallesoe with this project here or on holzkurier.com.

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About the LOC Holz’s new System TM-Kallesoe line

LOC Holz GmbH is a brand new and the very first cross laminated timber factory to be built in Upper Austria in the city of Arbing. The company has recently invested in a massive cross laminated timber production line designed by System TM and Kallesoe Machinery. The line features sorting and finger jointing machinery by System TM and CLT handling and pressing machinery by Kallesoe.

Once the line gets up and running, it will be producing 45.000 m³ of CLT products according to LOC Holz GmbH. The line will create 70 jobs in this region in the short term and 100 in the medium term. The entire project has a total investment volume of 45 Mio. €.

LOC Holz has chosen to collaborate with System TM and Kallesoe Machinery due to our high customization capability, the companies abilities to design an innovative solution that fits exactly to the customer, and not least because of the high quality of end products produced on the production line.

Picture credit: HOLZKURIER

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