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November 8, 2017

System TM goes on an adventure around the world

By Malene Bou Zeid

System TM is always on the move

At System TM, we are literally on the move. Once again, we have sent a demonstration line on tour around the world. This time, it is making stops at trade shows and open house events in China (CIFF), Japan (Mokkiten) and Australia. In addition, a stationary System TM demonstration line has made its way to our collaborator, Stiles Machinery (USA), where it currently stands, displaying exceptional wood processing and utilization.


Giving guests an up-close experience

Equipped with the latest top-of-the-line machinery on the market, our touring demonstration line allows exhibition guests to experience and explore System TM’s high-performance equipment up-close. It is defined as a full solution that handles, scans and cross-cuts solid wood. It features an Opti-Kap 5100, System TM’s recently introduced optimizing cross-cut saw, as well as a multi-sensor MiCROTEC scanner, Goldeneye 302, with state-of-the-art cameras and components, faster image acquisition and on-chip image processing. Likewise, the stationary demo-line at Stiles consists of an optimizing Opti-Kap cross-cut saw and a MiCROTEC scanner.


Making it personal, making it memorable

For the most part, System TM uses one type of wood for the daily product demos we carry out at trade shows. However, to give guests a full-scale, personalized and memorable experience of System TM’s machinery, guests have the opportunity of bringing their very own wood to our international open house events and having it processed and tested by our demonstration line. As a result, this provides our guests a glimpse of how a potential System TM line could handle their wood in particular.


Why send demo-lines around the world?   

At System TM, we enjoy showcasing the full spectrum of our equipment in action. Optimizing staff and wood resources is what we do best and we want to show it, not just tell it. By showcasing our demonstration lines’ impressive power, performance and intelligence in operation, we wish to demonstrate the long-lasting and substantial financial benefits associated with maximum wood utilization, boosted productivity and minimum labor costs. Ultimately, these benefits are promises we deliver on every time to provide our customers a superior return on investment.


A full solution provider

At System TM, we’ve always got you covered. As a full solution provider, we are experts in complete and integrated systems and our demonstration lines are the perfect representation of that. Thanks to a longstanding partnership and close collaboration with MiCROTEC, we’ve assembled two simple, yet world-class performing demonstration lines that exemplify high capacity and durability with the latest advances in woodworking technology.

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