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October 6, 2020

System TM launches new flexible stacking machine

By Per Jørgensen

Opti-Stack 9000
In response to the solid wood industry’s demand for more material handling automation in all aspects, System TM launches the new flexible Opti-Stack 9000.

Material handling automation has always been a very important product segment to System TM. To continue this development and to ensure that the solution meets the exact needs, System TM has designed a new stacking machine, Opti-Stack 9000, which matches our existing product portfolio – and which furthermore is very easy to combine with other machines from System TM.

The design
The Opti-Stack 9000 is designed to be a very flexible, yet inexpensive, machine, which could usefully be combined to fit the stacking application in connection with different main machines. The stacking machine is capable of stacking very long or multiple workpieces and stacking in many different stacking patterns to fit the demands of the pack appearance for the next destination.

Standard options
The stacking machine has a wide range of standard options which can be easily integrated, either when purchasing the equipment or afterwards. The options as well as the stacking machine can either be standardized or customized according to your preferences. Among the standard opportunities for the stacking machine are brick or zigzag stacking, stick placing for pack stabilizing or drying processes, multiple even-end positions of either single workpieces or workpieces cross-cut into multiple lengths, and turning devices.

Market focused software solutions
Our market focused software solutions, our ability to integrate and combine different machine modules and our experience in handling workpieces in a continuous flow, have made it possible to achieve this aim. To ensure a continuous high capacity throughout each workday, it is important to integrate all equipment surrounding the main machine.


“With the development of the Opti-Stack 9000, we have expanded our product portfolio in order to meet the demand from the industry. Furthermore, the
Opti-Stack 9000 matches, and is easy to combine with, our existing product portfolio, when customizing projects for our clients”, says Per Jørgensen,
CSO at System TM.


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