Cross-Cut Line

Together with our Estonian dealer, JS Engineering, the initial contact to Brenstol OÜ was established, and the process of designing a stacking/destacking line began shortly after. The line matched the design requirements of Brenstol OÜ, and they decided to invest in order to optimize their production of workpieces for thermal modification.

Brenstol OÜ is an Estonian specialist manufacturer of thermally modified solid wood and due to the exceptional properties that the ash wood forms after thermal modification, this is the main wood species used.

Thermory – Excellence in Wood
The collection of Brenstols thermally modified wood products are gathered under the brand name ”Themory”. Thermal modification is a computer-controlled process, which is carried out in specialized Finnish kilns at high temperatures. Only steam and heat are used with no chemicals added. The Thermory product range from Brenstol OÜ consists of a Medium and an Intense modification level. The Medium-modified wood is used for indoor use such as for example flooring and wall paneling. The Intense-modified wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use such as decking, cladding and wet rooms.

The main goal of Brenstol’s investment was to optimize their production with a minimum use of human resources. With this investment, they have managed to reduce the number of operators in this part of their production, and has experienced a significant increase of their production capacity