Giguére & Morin Inc.

Automated feeding solution

Giguère & Morin Inc. is focused on remaining in the vanguard of their field by offering value-added high quality wood products. The purpose of their investments in new equipment is to increase the production capacity as well as the product quality. One of the recent investments is an automatic vacuum infeed Opti-Feed 6000 Vack, batch feeder and planer outfeed from System TM. This infeed solution will automate the entire infeed process to a planer and ripsaw.

The infeed solution from System TM
By means of a forklift, the packs are placed on the roller conveyor and transported to the automatic feeding system, Opti-Feed 6000 Vack. The Opti-Feed 6000 Vack de-stacks one layer at a time and creates a batch that is transported through the planer. This solution posed some challenges i. e. the removal of drying sticks. Being aware of the limited space available, System TM developed a system where the sticks are brushed off each layer onto a conveyor. On the conveyor, a door ensures that the sticks stay in position for the stick elevator whice transports the sticks into the bundler. Each stick bundle can then be transported across the pack roller conveyor and removed by a forklift.

After the planer the workpieces are singulated and fed one by one to the ripsaw. After the ripsaw the workpieces continue in the production of furniture components.