Cross-Cut Line

The investment in a cross-cut solution from System TM is part of Lamicos goal to automate their production processes. This will enable Lamico to become very flexible, to provide fast deliveries, enhance their production volume and supply reliability.

Lamico – specialists in edge glued solid wood panels
Lamico is one of the biggest edge glued solid wood panel producers in Europe and they are specialists within this field. Their solid wood panels are used by a number of industries such as for example the furniture and staircase industry, the wood processing industry, and DIY market worldwide.

A big focus of Lamico is being able to offer its customers the best quality and service. They have a continuous aim to invest in expansion of their production capacity, improving their technologies and broadening their expertise.

Automation of the production
The investment from System TM is automation of the production of edge-glued panels after an existing moulder. The design of the System TM solution has been created to be able to handle and optimize on broken, damaged and poor quality lamellas.

The new system solution from System TM ensure a much higher utilization of the wood at a much higher capacity. This enables Lamico to be more flexible in their production with regards to supply reliability and large-volume production capacity.