PZ Tiles & Lumber

automated moulder line

Area of expertise: intelligent systems

As PZ Tiles & Lumber values state-of-the-art technology, System TM’s solution fulfills the needs of the company in all respects. This high-speed moulder is packed with cutting-edge technology. Its uniqueness lies in its multi-functionality, in the sense that it provides the flexibility to outfeed various length dimensions of workpieces from the moulder at up to 250 meters/minute.

The high-speed moulder line
The moulder line is characterized by a fully automatic feeding system, tilt, separator, moulder infeed, slow down belt, semi-automatic bundling, a multi cross-cutting saw and lastly, a stacker of high-speed performance which obviates the need for operator intervention.

Initially, the moulder line processes mouldings, dressed four sides and pallet lengths. Then, the multi cross-cutting saw either generates short lengths for pallets or splits workpieces into fixed lengths. Finally, stacking takes place by means of a high-speed stacker which includes an automated backstop system to achieve absolute even-sided packs. Once they have been stacked, short workpieces are carried out by a roller conveyor and long workpieces are carried out by a chain conveyor.

The solution consists of: