Righini S.A.

Optimizing cross-cut line

The company, Righini S.A., is located in France and the family business was founded in 1961. The company consists of one production site, which employs around 180 people. Most of the production is handled manually, so the optimization and minimum use of staff resources is rather new for Righini. Righini S.A. manufactures wooden doors, partitions and other panels for residential and non-residential use. The company also manufactures safety and technical products as firebreak doors and doors used for acoustic insulation.

The investment from System TM
The line will produce components in fixed lengths and lengths for finger-jointing, which will be used for manufacturing softwood doors. The line is a full automatic handling solution and the three operators assigned to the line will only be observing. It was very important for Righini that the new cross-cut investment would optimize both their staff and wood resources and still have a very flexible production. The line is therefore constructed with multiple automatic handling solutions that provide the production with a high reliability. The reason for this is that every function of the line can also be operated manually.