Roberts Hardwood Flooring

flooring line with scanning technology

Increasing productivity through automation

Roberts Hardwood Flooring has recently had a new infeed system and ripsaw installed, along with a System TM optimizing Opti-Kap 5003 cross-cut line. After being ripped by the ripsaw, rips are transported to the System TM and Microtec optimizing cross-cut line. System TM’s machinery commences with an incline belt that leads workpieces up to a trimsaw and scanner feeder which feeds workpieces into the Microtec scanner, Goldeneye 302. Upon scanning, the results are communicated to the optimizing software system, which dictates where the optimizing Opti-Kap 5003 cross-cut saw must position its cuts. After cross-cutting, workpieces are prepared by the existing side-matcher, which produces a consistent side matched pattern. Then, workpieces are processed by the end-matcher, which creates square end joints. Finally, workpieces enter the nesting and packaging phase, in which hardwood flooring is packed and prepared for transportation.

By coupling Roberts Hardwood Flooring’s existing machinery together with System TM’s machinery, System TM has created a complete and integrated line of high-level automation and efficiency. Since the integration of this line, Roberts Hardwood Flooring has enjoyed significant waste minimization and increased production capacity.

The solution consists of: