Yoshida & Co.

Cross-Cut Line

It did not take long for Japan based company Yoshida & Co. to make the decision of investing in new equipment for their production facilities. It was a very short and productive design phase, and apparently, that was all Yoshida needed before placing their order with Oki Kikai Co. Ltd. and System TM.


Yoshida & Co. consists of 140 employees and produces for example pallets, chop sticks and laminated boards for gluelam.

The entire process with Yoshida has been a very positive experience. The co-operation between System TM and Microtec has been very good, and System TM is also extremely happy to be working with our Japanese dealer Oki Kikai.

Yoshida are very satisfied with the line, and would like to expand this with an Opti-Stack 6000 from System TM. We look forward to many years of a great partnership with both Oki Kikai and Yoshida.